Water and Fireline Testing

High Country Pipe  has pressure tested thousands of waterlines throughout the state of Colorado. The intent of pressure testing a domestic-water system is to meet local code requirements while ensuring the system is leak tight. Water lines must be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure to be accepted by the city or water district they are located within. Normally the system will be tested at 1.5 time the systems operating pressure (AWWA standard used). We use water pressure to test these lines, as it is a safer, more reliable method. It is also recommended by most pipe manufactures as the method of testing after installation. Leaks are easier to locate with water testing as well.

If a test is running on a line and pressure can’t be reached it is our goal to help the contractor find the problem. Normally it is a valve that isn’t shut properly.

We can test any water line and fire line or hydrant.

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