Hot Taps

High Country Pipe  has the ability to safely tie into a pressurized water system without interruption of mainline service by the means of hot tapping. Typical connections consist of a saddle or sleeve, isolation valve, and tapping machine or drill. Hot taps can be performed on any type of pipe ranging from carbon steel, to PVC (all types).

For larger diameter pipe (4” – 12”) a sleeve is placed on the pipe after it has been prepared, the valve is bolted to the sleeve, then we apply a water pressure test to it to insure that no leakage will occur after the tap has been completed. Our drill is then bolted onto the valve, the valve is opened and the cutter and pilot bit advanced. The machine is engaged by hydraulic power and the cut begins. When the set distance is reached we check to determine if the cutter is through the pipe. When the cut is finished, the machine is disengaged and retracted beyond the gate of the valve. The valve is closed and the machine is removed. The coupon (cut piece of pipe) is retained by using a pilot bit detent drill. As the detent on the pilot bit engages, the coupon is retained preventing it from falling off, this coupon shows the validity of the cut.

Smaller diameter pipes (3/4” – 2”) we use a smaller drill, either powered by an air compressor or advanced by hand, depending on the pipe material. Typically a saddle is used with a corporation stop in place of the larger pipes sleeve and valve. Call or contact us now with questions or to set an appointment.