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Manhole Services

Manhole Vacuum Testing

Manhole vacuum tests are quick to set up and run. It takes twenty minutes or less to test a new manhole under normal conditions. Any leaks that may exist are detectable immediately, unlike water testing which can be very time consuming. We set plugs in the main and any services that are located within the manhole place a steel test plate or bladder type plug on the 24” – 42” opening that exists on the surface then with special equipment vacuum out all the air to a negative 10mm

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Man hole testing - High Country Pipe

Manhole Rehabilitation

Since Manholes suffer from a variety of problems, from minor leaks to major failures, we offer an assortment of methods to accurately repair them so that they can pass vacuum testing and do not allow ground water to infiltrate inside. Each solution is tailored to overcome the particular problem that is encountered. Often times, more than one method is needed to fix an issue with a failing manhole.

Manhole Inspection Level 1 & 2

We  at High Country Pipe  are NASSCO certified to inspect manholes. for level one and level two MACP inspection.

Manholes are an important part of the sewer collection system and are the primary means of access to the pipelines for maintenance, inspection and renovation. Manholes must be structurally watertight, to not allow inflow from surface runoff nor allow infiltration from ground water. Manholes are often exposed to powerful deterioration mechanisms such as erosion, abrasion, hydrogen sulfide induced corrosion and other corrosive chemicals that can occur in or be introduced by man into the sewer.

Level 1 inspection: Allows utility owners to gather basic information about the general condition of  the manholes. No special equipment is needed. We can do this inspection very quickly and provide you with a  MACP Inspection form upon completion.

Level 2 inspection: Allows for more detailed information about the condition of the manholes. All existing defects will be documented along with camera shots of all documented defects and component of the manhole inspection. We can do this inspection thoroughly and quickly and provide you with MACP Inspection forms completed for level 1/2 along with a copy of the corresponding photographs or video.

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