Closed Circuit Televising – Scoping

At High Country Pipe we can provide a clear look, using Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), inside pipes ranging from 1-1/2″ inches up to 72″ in diameter effectively and efficiently. This is used to examine the condition of the existing sanitary sewer lines, for maintenance purposes, in the system as well as inspect new pipelines as a means of pre-acceptance or final video prior to city or district taking ownership of the pipeline.

We have cameras that are mounted on tractors either wheeled or with tracks that move through the sewer pipes to locate and document defects, laterals, and any infiltration or significant debris or grease buildup in the line. Lines with significant debris, roots, grease, or other maintenance issues are addressed by preventative maintenance either by the city or a city-appointed contractor.

We have both push style as well as steerable transport color cameras with full pan and tilt capabilities. This technology allows us to pinpoint well laid pipe, as well as problems. Our system allows us to document the exact location where any problems may occur. In addition, High Country Pipe provides a complete video log, along with summaries of the defects for each line and report to our customers for future viewing.

video camera for inspection

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Our operators are NASSCO 7.0.2 standard PACP certified.


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